Highland River Melees

According to the calculations of Eratosthenes, June 11, 1184 BCE was the date that Troy was sacked and burned. Well, we can't promise to equal the sacking of Troy, but Highland River Melees can provide a day of fighting, feasting and fun on June 11, 2005.

No Trojan Horses (but possibly a Trojan Moose), heavy fighting, archery, rapier, thrown weapons, A & S competitions and displays, demonstrations, merchants, and a wonderful feast by the Highland Foorde Cooks Guild. We won't burn Troy, but we will (weather permitting) have a wonderful bonfire for Bardic Circle both Friday and Saturday evenings. In remembrance of the ending of the Trojan war, the Barony of Highland Foorde invites all to come join in the festivities at Highland River Melees for a weekend of invasions, uprisings, feasts, and fighting.