Roman Wine Makes a Comeback in France

International Herald Tribune: French vineyard owner, Herve Durand, will be selling wine long past its time when he reopens an 1800-year-old Roman winery. For ten years, a team of archaeologists have been excavating a Roman site near the small town of Beaucaire in Provence, France. in addition to a farmhouse, the site includes the remains of the largest distillery in Gaul, a winery which provided drink for the Sixth Imperial Roman Legion.

Now a local vineyard operator, Herve Durand, has invested $20,000 to reopen the operation using recipes and engineering from Roman times. Durand is the only producer of Roman wine, which sells for around $12 per bottle. The flavor is sweet and fruity, tastes favored by the Romans. He expects to produce around 10,000 bottles this year.