Equestrian Activities at Lilies War?

Master Gottfried von Koln is seeking information on the feasibility of offering equestrian activities at Calontir's Lilies War.

Master Gottfried writes:


As a long time member of Calontir's Lilies War committee I have a question for your readers.

In planning for future Wars here (not the upcoming one), I have been a proponent of adding Equestrian Activities to the slate.

The question is this:

In order to have them added I must show to the Committee and future autocrats the public interest in the area of activity to justify the expenses. Would you as a equestrian be interested in a major event centrally located in the Kansas City, Missouri area?

If so, please e-mail me at gottfred9f@hotmail.com All comments are welcome in this enquiry.

Take care and have a good summer.

Master Gottfried von Koln, OP
Lilies War Committee member/Park Liaison for the Committee Calontir