Merfyn Gareth ap Mouric passes away in Ansteorra

Baron Merfyn Gareth ap Mouric, MKA Dr. Lyle Peter, MD, passed away on April 26 after a prolonged illness. Baron Gareth, who was the premier Chirurgeon Emeritus of the SCA, dwelt in the Barony of Namron in Ansteorra.

In addition to his extensive SCA service, Gareth was a youth sports coach and volunteered time every week for a local hospital as well. He was born in 1931 and was married to his wife, JoAnna, for over fifty years.

The Chirurgeon Emeritus designation was created to honor those Master Chirurgeons who are no longer able to serve as warranted patient caregivers, but whose experience and wisdom are of enormous value to the guild. In some cases, for example, a person who is otherwise qualified is unable to pass the CPR proficiency test due to arthritis or other age-related issues. Chirurgeons Emeritus are not warranted to directly treat patients, but they can teach classes and perform administrative roles. They are entitled to wear the badge, "(Fieldless) On an owl argent a fleam gules."

Ansteorra's Ambassador to Trimaris, Lord Gaelan Garrett, was one of numerous Apprentice Chirurgeons taught by Gareth. Gaelan says of his mentor, "He during his long career touched many lives and hearts...I know a great sadness in my heart with his passing."

Funeral services were held on April 29.

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