Carolingian Baronial Championships: Archery and Thrown Weapons

In the name of Baron Jehan, all gentles are invited to attend the Archery and Thrown Weapons Competitions for the Barony of Carolingia on Saturday, July 9th, 2005.

During the day, the mighty archers and weapons throwers of Carolingia will compete to choose the best among them for the Baron's Champion.

The event will be on the Town Fields of Bedford, MA, located on Mudge Way (no street number).

A suggested donation of $5 is payable at the Gate. If you intend to compete for any of the honors this day, please read the information below on the competitions and register your intentions at the gate. Set-up for archery and thrown weapons will begin at 7:30am, and the site will open at 9am and close at 6pm. Assistance in setting up and breaking down the ranges is always welcome, and gentles arriving before 9am or remaining after 6pm are assumed to have volunteered. In addition, all marshals willing to assist in executing the tourneys should contact either Duncan or Brokk (info below).


Tourney sign-up will begin at 9:00am at the Gate. Inspection and warm-ups will begin at 10am, and the tourneys will begin promptly at 10:30am. The archery tourney and the thrown weapons tourney will be held concurrently until the fields have been narrowed to two or four contestants. Weapons throwers may compete using loaner equipment provided at the event. The finals for each event will be held individually so that all may enjoy them. A brief Baronial Court will be held after the finals of the events to invest the champions.

There is no age limit for participation. All are welcome to compete in the tourneys provided they have attended at least one SCA practice for the tourney art in question prior to the championship. While we welcome less experienced people and want very much to have as many people as possible join in the fun, we are unfortunately unable to provide instruction or a newcomer's range at this event prior to the Championships. Archery loaner equipment may or may not be available - please contact the autocrat if you want to make sure there is some.