Darius Victorious in East Kingdom Crown Tourney

Lady Glynis Gwynedd, Baronial Harper for the Barony of Highland Foorde in Atlantia, witnessed the recent Crown Tournament in the East Kingdom and reports that Duke Darius and Duchess Roxane are the new Prince and Princess of the East.

Lady Glynis writes:

Unto their Majesties of Atlantia and the populace therein, greetings from Lady Glynis Gwynedd of the Barony of Highland Foorde. Having attended the Crown Tournament of the East Kingdom yesterday, it is my wish and pleasure to inform you all that Duke Darius and Duchess Roxane are the new Prince and Princess of the East.

Court opened with a dire statement from the King that a medallion was missing from the Queen's basket. As her champion he promised that if it was not returned and he found out who had removed it, they would face his wrath and he would be most UN-just in dealing with it. The populace of the East seemed to be duly frightened, and the hall was so silent during Court that the King commanded that the populace make some noise, as he'd never been in a Court Hall so quiet before.

During the court of King Kelson and Queen Geneviere, they caught up on a lot of old business, awards that had been given at prior courts including awards given during the reigns of Balfar and Luna, Andreas and Isabella, and the "final" court of Darius and Roxane. There were many awards presented, and a new Tyger Clerk of the Signet was presented to the populace. The Royal Puppy made an appearance, and had to be taken out several times during court. She attempted to demonstrate HER wrath upon the Royal Kneeling Pillow but was taken outside again in time. The Ladies of the Rose offered several tokens, and Queen Geneviere brought Lord Rowen Cloteworthy, the Autocrat of the Event, into Her Queen's Order of Courtesy.

After Court was Feast, and what a grand feast it was! A centerpiece subtlety was presented that was reminiscent of a cluster of cattails - A half-cantaloupe with a cored unpeeled apple atop it, a white taper candle tucked into the apple. Stuck into the cantaloupe were skewers with what I believe to be onion stems (forgive me, I do not cook well, and I do not eat these and so cannot identify them) impaled at the base and impaled at the top with a small sausage, resembling a cattail. The courses were brought out, and the food was excellent.

During Feast, the cooks were called into the Feast Hall, and King Kelsun and Queen Geneviere opened their court. You could see the Head Cook, Lord Christopher Calchoune, a closer personal friend of mine, trying to dodge back out to the kitchen, but to no avail. The Cook's Helpers barred his way, and he was summoned before their Majesties and inducted into the Order of the Maunche.

The site was absolutely beautiful, despite the torrential downpours. Some 52 (the number I was told) combatants fought for their consorts, yet Duke Darius won the day for Duchess Roxane.

These are the events as I recall them from memory. I apologize for any errors and omissions that may have been included. It was a wonderful day, and I look forward to one just as wonderful this coming weekend at Atlantian Crown Tournament.

In Service,

Lady Glynis Gwynedd
Baronial Harper, Calendar Deputy, Barony of Highland Foorde, Cornet herald at-large

Editor's note: It has been reported elsewhere that Prince Darius was victorious over Duke Andreas der Eisfalke in the finals.