Viking history (1000 ad), or the lack of.

I have been trying to research the swedish vikings of around 1000 ad, and have had no luck with any information. I contacted the swedish historical society in hopes to gain some much needed knowledge. but to no avail I have not recieved any input from them. I have searched my local libraries as well as books stores (ie... books-a-millian, barnes and noble and walden books)if anyone has any information to share I would be greatly appreciative. Some of the information that I know encludes locations with in Sweden, Norway, N.Scottland, Iceland and some parts of northern Ireland. as far as period clothing I have found next to nothing and everything I have read indicates clothing to be some of the rarest artifacts found. and that there was very little difference if any between the different viking groups (different countries) My other question is is if Sweden was unified under one king in 1000 ad than what information about the military can be found since vikings were raiders (take no offense for my ignorance) and the Swedish were a standing monarchy. I find it hard to believe that all of sweden was ruled with out a formal military. Please do not be offended by what I do not know, only help me correct what I know and teach me(guide me to) what I do not know. I am a new comer to the SCA and I am moving to the shire of Flintheath in Insulea Draconis kingom of Drachenwald. I am training for heavy fighting and trying to research a persona that suites my interests. I chosen as a basis to go with a Viking persona but as to where I am unclear because of the lack of information. I am gonna end this ramble now, I am sure I have bored all of you. but if you feel any sympathy please help me straighten the information highway out. and hey atleast I am asking the question before I do something permanent and look like a fool.

One website you may want to browse

One website you may want to browse through is The Viking Answer Lady at She has some good links, and she will answer specific questions which could point you at other sources of historical information.

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thank you so much

thank you so much, i will definnetly check the link out

Watch the newswire...

Watch the newswire; in the next day or so, we'll be running an article about a new novel set in the circa-1050 period. According to the reviews I've read, the historical research behind it was fairly good. You may be able to contact the author to get some research advice.


thank you i will keep a look

thank you i will keep a look out for the book