New web site highlights use of digital media for historical scholarship

It is often remarked that "we use a lot of computers to study the history of the Middle Ages!" The newly-inaugurated Digital Medievalist web site takes an academic approach to that fact, offering theoretical and practical articles about the use of computers and the Internet to further historical research.

Digital Medievalist is a scholarly, peer-reviewed, online technical journal focused on the use of the Internet and other digital tools and media in the study of medieval history. Articles include theoretical concepts relevant to the field of medieval studies, specific technologies and information standards, commentary, tutorials, project reports, book and web site reviews, and original scholarly research papers. DM is a service of the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.

Those who have a personal user account on can choose to display the syndicated newsfeed from Digital Medievalist on the home page. Just be sure you are logged into your personal account, and go to the My Account...Edit page. You'll find a list of blocks that you can enable or disable, and the Digital Medievalist newsfeed is one of several. If you enable this block, you will see DM's latest news (updated several times per day) in the lower-right corner of's home page.

Thanks to Lord Magnus for submitting the DM URL to