Stop the Pirates

As the summer comes to a close, the harvesting is close to done, the merchant vessels are heavily laden with grains, foods, jewelry, cloth, weapons and iron destined for their Majesties and traders in far away lands. Though some have made an uneventful journey, others have been detained, boarded, and had their holds emptied by pirates. Upon hearing of this, Their Excellencies declared the warriors of these lands must arm themselves and put an end to the piracy that hinders trade and is stopping the taxes from reaching the King and Queen.

Through the loyal peasants that live in the area, Their Excellencies have found one of the hide outs used by the outlaws. It is an in an old keep of Lornevale which was damaged in a great battle last autumn near the shore at the headwaters of the bay. At once, warriors were sent by land and sea to the keep to put an end to this problem.

On the 17th of September (Saturday) the attack will begin. It should be a slaughter and they will be defeated with ease since they will not expect it (don't worry, pirates cant read so the secret is safe). There will be singing around the fires to celebrate our victory that day and the forces shall be fed from the bounty of the forests.

Then, once the pirates are vanquished, we shall turn our skills to the repair of the Keep so as to better control the seas and keep the shipping lanes safe once again.

Activities include Archery, Rattan, Fencing, thrown weapons, siege class, camping, a largesse competition, singing ands story telling around the bonfire.

There is a stone soup Sat. evening and Sun. lunch(donations or 3 dollars to participate).


Make your way to Nova Scotia, then.....

From New Brunswick- Take Highway 104 just past the Cobiquid toll plaza. Take the first exit (10) and turn right. You will come to a "T" intersection in Great Village, turn right and follow the signs.

From Halifax airport- take the 102 towards Truro. The 102 will end at the 104 where you take the Amherst exit (Left hand side). Follow the 104 till exit 12 (Masstown) follow signs to Great Village then follow the SCA signs.

There will be lots of signs to help guide everyone in.