Pennsic Novelty Shoots

THL Dirk Edward of Frisia, Pennsic 34 Novelty Shoot Co-ordinator, is now scheduling the War's novelty archery shoots.

His Lordship Dirk writes:

Greetings to you all -- and particularly archers from the Known World!

I have volunteered to take the job of scheduling the Pennsic Archery Novelty shoots for this years Pennsic War. Any person, group or Kingdom may sponsor a FUN shoot at targets on the archery range at Pennsic. The shoots are designed to allow some inventive fun with bows and arrows during the war, and to promote archery as a skill while giving people a good time. Is it really fun? Yes it is! Anyone who has done the Fuzzy animal shoot, from adults to children, will tell you how much fun a novelty shoot is! Not only that, but IKAC's may also be scheduled at these times for those who want to have them. Novelty shoots are run during times not used for shooting the regular War Point.

How do you sponsor a shoot? Simple!

  1. Plan a novelty shoot or challenge of some kind to other groups or to other kingdoms. It can be any kind of point scoring or simple test of skill, it can be silly or funny- as long as it is SAFE to do. Please realize that you will have to provide any special targets for your use. Also, please be aware that the shoot must be within set safety standards used by the SCA. Ask your Archery Marshal for advice!
  2. Get yourself some local Archery Marshals to run the shoot with you. Sorry- Marshals are NOT provided. Be sure you have Marshals before you schedule the shoot. You MUST have a Marshal present to shoot.
  3. Pick a DAY and TIME of day for the shoot. 1 hour increments are best unless you have something bigger to run. It also helps if you pick a specific range for the event. Long distance events ( over 60 yards ) need to be run on the CLOUT shooting range, so consider this before you schedule. NOTE- AS OF THIS WRITING ( early April ) THE OVERALL SCHEDULE FOR PENNSIC ARCHERY HAS NOT BEEN FINALIZED- PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE DAYS OR TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. If past Pennsic schedules are used- Novelty shoots may be scheduled between 10 am to 4 pm, starting Wednesday, August 10th, and each day through Sunday, August 14th.
  4. Please gather this information – CONTACT INFORMATION- who will be in charge of this event- Name, phone, and email please
    • NAME of SPONSORING GROUP (or person)
    • NAME of the EVENT ( IKAC, Naked Mole Rats, etc. )
    • DAY you want to hold it on. ( Wednesday, August 10th, or any day through Sunday, August 14th )
    • TIME you want to hold it at. ( Between 10 am to 4 pm )
    • RANGE you would like to use- Your choices are: PRACTICE, SLOT, CLOUT or ADVANCING MAN Request the CLOUT shooting range for target distances longer than 60 yards.
    Once you have this done- email me at:

    OR: If you are NOT using the internet- you may mail me at:
    Dirk Hermance
    3411 Highland Dr.
    Hubbard, OH 44425

    Please write PENNSIC on the back of the envelope! Include an SASE with your letter.

I will put you in the schedule- and/ or let you know if there are any conflicts!

Further announcements will follow in the next couple of months once the Pennsic schedule is final.

Thanks for your attention, and Happy shooting!

THL Dirk Edward of Frisia
Middle Kingdom