Pennsic 34 Scrolls for Kingdoms Project

Their Highnesses Prince Malcolm and Princess Tessa of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc have requested scroll blanks to be presented as gifts to Royals visiting the Pennsic War, and thus provoking the creation of AEthelmearc's Scrolls for Kingdoms Project.

Aleyd von Kiel, Coordinator for the project, writes:

Announcing the Pennsic 34

Greetings unto all from Aleyd von Kiel and the Sylvan Signet Office:

War approaches, and our future King and Queen have called upon the talented and prolific scribes of Æthelmearc to help them. Prince Malcolm and Princess Tessa have specifically requested scroll blanks to include in the gift baskets they distribute at War this year.

This is a great opportunity for scribes of all levels of ability. If you do a scroll for the gift baskets, please include your contact information. Some scribes, who provided scrolls for gift baskets in the past, have received thank-you's from recipients in distant kingdoms. :-] It is a fine thing not only to share you talents and enhance Aethelmearc's already outstanding reputation for generosity and scribal skill, but to allow fellow Scadians an opportunity to demonstrate their courtesy.

To further encourage one and all to participate, prizes will be given for the following:

  • Most scroll blanks donated
  • Second most scroll blanks donated
  • Best heraldic display on a scroll
  • Most senior scribe to complete a scroll for the project (based on number of years producing scrolls, not age!)
  • Newest scribe to complete a scroll for the project

Winners will be announced at the Pennsic Scribal Tea Party.

Deadline: July 4th, 2005

Are you required to do this? No, however our future King and Queen are not only highly supportive of us, they are also scribes. They are working hard to help us as much as possible while they are on the throne, and highly commendably if we in turn helped them with this project.

To whom do you give the scroll blanks?
Aleyd von Kiel (mka Cheryl Ronolder), Coordinator for the Scrolls for Kingdoms Project. Email or call to coordinate delivery. (If I'm not going to be at an event, there might be someone that can deliver it to me.)

What style: No restrictions.

What size: Don't make them so huge that we can't put them into a gift basket (16" x 20" is probably too big).

What level: Any thing you want

How many: As many as you want to make. You can work on them with friends or on your own.

Do I have to make scrolls with the various Kingdom arms? No, but if you decide to, please contact me so I can keep track of who is working on what. We don't want to end up with 100 scrolls with Ansetorra's arms and none for any of the other Kingdoms.

What are the Kingdoms? This website has a list of the SCA Kingdoms. If you cannot access the website, feel free to contact me and I can send you more details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or the Sylvan Signet THL Una de Saint Luc.


Aleyd von Kiel
Coordinator of the Pennsic 34 Scrolls for Kingdoms Project
In Service to the Sylvan Signet Office and the Kingdom of Æthelmearc