Drachenwald OP now accepts armory GIFs

The Drachenwald online Order of Precedence (OP) can now accept registered armory and badge artwork for display in the OP.

If you live in Drachenwald, or have ever lived in Drachenwald (long enough to appear in the OP), you can send a GIF of your registered arms to the clerk of Precedence, Master Gerulf, so it appears along with your OP listing.

Submissions details are here:

You can also see who has submitted their arms so far:

Aside from making the OP more colourful and fun to browse, the artwork can help scribes confirm a blazon or emblazon.

Many thanks to Master Gerulf the Post Horn herald, and Master Terafan and Lord Toke, past and present webmasters, for their effort and interest in this online project.

Genevieve la flechiere, Schwarzdrachen herald