That's a Mare X Again

For ten years we have invited all thirsty travelers to drop their boots, take in some local scenery, and play some light games. This year is no exception, with the marked difference of a new site boasting cabins (not for renting but possibly as "crash space"), a full kitchen (feast in planning), and a sauna.

~ Event Steward
Lady Caintigern Inghen Gaughan

Site opens Thursday June 23, 2005 at 6pm and closes Sunday June 26, 2005 at 2pm

Youth Camp,
Goodman Lake Road,
Ontario, Canada.

Site Fees
Adults (18+) $12.00 CAD (NMS $4.CAD)
Youth (6-17) $6. CAD
Infants (-5) free

Cost of feast
$8.00 per person -- children 5 and younger are free. To reserve a place, by June/1/05, contact Lady Bodvildr Sigardottir.

~ Feast Steward
Lady Bodvildr "I'll do another feast when pigs fly!" Sigardottir - is proud to present a Saturday meal of roast pig on a spit accompanied with feast in an Anglo Saxon theme. Please click for the tentative menu : this is still subject to change. Those who request the vegetarian entree should do so by June 01/05. To sit the feast this year you must reserve a place by June 1/05, after which time the number of plates will be set. Please contact Lady Bodvildr Sigardottir with your reservations.

Other food available on site include a Friday Seneschal's Lunch, and a Saturday breakfast hosted by Emberset House.

~ Fun and Games to entertain.
We appeal to the more kinetic Sca'dian with heavy weapons fighting, a torch light tournament, and highland & lowland games (fools court for the winner of the lowland games). For more information about fighting please contact our Knights Marshal Griffon Caramon.

Other may prefers to share a song, a class, or a game of chess. All of which can be found at the Crimson Tortoise, where you are free to wet your whistle to local flavors. Also in the planning is a scavenger hunt and a bardic circle. For more information about classes and the bardic circle please contact Deirdre inghean an Bhàird.