Drachenwald Summer Coronation

Let it be known to all and singular that on the eighteenth day of June in the 2005 year of the current calendar will be held the coronation of Their Royal Highnesses Cadogan and Eufemia in Shurdington, Gloucestershire. All are invited to witness this historic occassion.

Site: The Social Centre, Bishop Road, Shurdington (near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) GL51 4TB http://www.shurdington.org/SocCtr/SocialCtr.htm

Friday 17th - Sunday 19th June 2005. (Site opening and closing times to be announced when confirmed.)

£20 Members, £22.50 Non Members, £12.00 Children under 13

Food supplied:
Friday: Travellers Fare
Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, Feast
Sunday: Breakfast.

Event Steward: Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale
Contact: jpgsawyer@btopenworld.com

Head Cook: Siban nic Ghiolla Phadraig
Marshal in Charge: Richard the Rampant.
Reservations Steward: Raphe Cuthbert

Site Notes:
Access to the site is quite easy with the hall meeting modern accessibility requirements. The combat site is just over the minor road and we hope to have some pavilions up in case of bad weather.

The hall site isn't as large as we could have hoped for but we should have crash space for 80 people and space for 120 people at the event in total. Due to this restricted space we are requesting people to be restrained in the size of the area their sleeping equipment takes up. Please be considerate of others, the biggest of air mattresses may not fit in the crash space this time.

There may be facilities for the erection of pavilions for camping on the village green opposite but this cannot be confirmed at this stage.

Getting there:
The site is accessible from Cheltenham train station and Cheltenham Wells Bus station and we can provide lifts from these locations, please tell the reservations steward when booking.

The best airports will be Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham and Heathrow. Stansted might be an option for the budget conscious as there is a National Express Bus from there to Cheltenham but be warned it is a slow trip. Other airports might be suitable if someone is passing by at an appropriate time. Contact the Reservations Steward to find out as he is trying to coordinate people to travel together where possible.

For those attending from outside of England, Scotland and Wales, please indicate your method of travel and airport of arrival (for those flying), and if known, date and time.

For those attending from within England, Scotland and Wales, please indicate if your journey takes you close to one of the airports and if you are willing/able to give people a lift from said airport.

With this, the reservation steward hopes to be able to help co-ordinate travel - ie arrange lifts from people whose journey takes them near an airport, put people who happen to be arriving at the same airport in touch with each other so they can share a hire car etc."

We will try our best to help everyone but we should point out though that we cannot guarantee that all requests can be accommodated.

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • Clean up - We need dish washers for Saturday night and hall cleaners for Sunday morning.
  • Site security - If camping is permitted on the green we will need volunteers to ensure the camp site is safe during the day when people are elsewhere. Guard duty will be in shifts and only require at most an hour of your time.

People who help will be appreciated and rewarded. :-)

Please pass this on to local lists as appropriate.