30th Baronial Birthday Celebration

The Barony of Tir-Y-Don invites you to attend our 30th Baronial Birthday Celebration to be held Saturday, April 30, 2005 at the Scottish Rite Temple in Newport News, Virginia.


Martial Activities:

  • Open Rapier Tournament Format
    This year's test of the esteemed bersaglieres of Tir-y-Don will take place at the pleasure of Their Excellencies, in the form of a

  • Triple Elimination Tournament
    All combatants will begin with a single rapier of any length they desire. Upon their first loss, they will fight with a defensive item of their choice - cloak, buckler, cane, any other item deemed suitable for the field. Upon their second loss, our noble duelistas will fight with an offensive weapon in their other hand, be it dagger or another rapier. Upon receiving their third loss, they have striven, but lost their place in our fine Tournament.

    This tournament will be heavy rapiers only - zamoranos, schlagers, del tins, and the like. We will hold authorizations, and inductions into the Academie for those who choose, before the commencement of the tournament.

Lady Eadan ingen Cecht / Christy Hemenway

Lord Ragnall Mac Gunnar / John Hughes