Siege Cooking Competition at Lilies War

Kateryn de Develyn and Bronwyn Ferch Ariel (and others yet to be named/persuaded) will sponsor a siege cooking competition at this year's Lilies War.

They wrote:

The Senario: You have been besieged for two months in your manor. Your supplies are getting very low. Your fearless leader has decided to invite the opposition leader and three of his companions to parley. You must stretch your cooking skills to the limit to give the impression you have lots of food left and can hold out for as long as necessary.

Everyone gets a box containing the same basic ingredients and amounts.

Then, each team may add (at their option/discretion) to their box:

  • A maximum of two fresh herbs/spices (unlimited)
  • A maximum of three dried herbs/spices (limited to 1/4 ounce each)
  • One fresh fruit -OR- one vegetable - limit 1 pound

Number of teams? Maximum of 8. Four or less teams - the competition will be held Sunday morning at 9 am at A&S Point. If more than six teams we will split the teams up between Sunday and Monday with a cookoff later in the week for the individual day's winners- Thursday morning at 9 am.

Each team (conditions permitting) will dig their own fire pits, provide their own grates/pot hooks/etc. IN THE EVENT we are not allowed to have a ground fire - teams will bring their campstoves to the central A&S area. All teams MUST cook in the A&S area. Competition will be held in the rain - provided it is not a windy thunderstorm. Teams need to provide their own rain/shade flys.

Depending on the lineup (determined by the team leaders before you start cooking) - you will present your feast to the judges 2 hours later. IE: if your team will present 3rd - your leader picks up your box of ingredients at 10 am. You will then have 2 hours before you have to present your results at noon to the judges. (We are striving to equalize the cooking times for the different teams.)

Team 1 - 9 am starting time. Judged at 11 am.
Team 2 - 9:30 am starting time. Judged at 11:30 am.
Team 3 - 10 am starting time. Judged at noon.
Team 4 - 10:30 am starting time. Judged at 12:30 pm.

No limits on how many people it takes to help. Teams must have a minimum of 3 people.

Mininum of one dish thru unlimited number of dishes.

Criteria -100 points (possible 110 with bonus points)

  • 20 points if Teams can point to a medieval recipe as their source for each dish (10 bonus points for limiting it to a single time period and country).
  • 10 points for medieval presentation.
  • 50 points for flavor/texture/appearance/aroma
  • 10 points for using fresh herbs that can be seen growing onsite (your herbs and flowers must be store-bought or homegrown ie: not harvested/picked onsite.)
  • 10 points for judges discretion

Registration fee is $20 with name of team and team leader.

Preregister between May 16th and June 4th. Or take a chance that there is a spot open and register onsite the A&S tent on Saturday June 11th before 5 pm.

Contact info:
Kateryn de Develyn/Debra Hense Please use Siege Cooking in your subject line.

Please Note: PreRegistration/Registration is on a first come/pay basis from May 16th thru June 4th. I will take questions only before that time.

No registrations will be accepted before May 16th.