Darton Anniversary

The year is 1525. The Republic of Florence is ruled by the Medicis and the Papacy by another Medici, Pope Clement VIII. Niccolo Machiavelli is at the height of his career. He has recently returned to public life, after his work The Art of War gained favour with the Medicis. Machiavelli has just finished the History of Florence, and his play La Mandragola has been performed and acclaimed in Venice.

In the depths of winter of this year the folk of Darton invite all from near and far to join them in a weekend of revelry. The celebrations shall be held at an encampment on the outskirts of Darton and are to include various activities and entertainments such as one would expect when many gather together. It is known that skilled fighters, artisans and dancers shall be attending, and several folk are holding classes to pass on knowledge of diverse arts and sciences.

When: Friday August 19th - Sunday August 21st 2005

Where: Brookfields Outdoor Education Centre, Moores Valley Road, Wainuomata

Activities: Classes in various arts and sciences, including rapier, a tournament, archery, a market faire, a feast, dancing, and singing

Accomodation: Dormitory style bunk rooms. There is room for camping but be aware that Wainuiomata is extremely cold at this time of the year.

Event Steward: Lady Francesca Martini (Sharon Henry) sharon.henry@clear.net.nz