feed available from LiveJournal

Someone has created a user account on LiveJournal™ to syndicate the newsfeed. If you have a personal blog on LiveJournal, you can add this user to your "friends" list to show's news on your LiveJournal page.

LiveJournal is a public weblog (or "blog") site where users who create personal accounts can post news items of interest to themselves and their friends. Its format is similar to that of, except that a blog is typically an individual forum whereas is more of a public venue.'s newswire can be syndicated freely on other sites, provided only the headlines and/or "teaser" information is copied and not the stories' main page. The LiveJournal "scatoday" user is a convenience for those who use LJ as their personal blog site, but our RSS 0.92 (XML) format news feed, soon to be updated to RSS 2.0, is compatible with a variety of news reader and web site content management programs. The feed can be accessed at

We aren't sure who owns the LiveJournal account (if it is you, please write to so we can credit you on our link page), but we appreciate the publicity.

Further information about syndicating can be found at