Brass Ring Thing

Calling all Fighters, Fencers, Archers, Practitioners of Thrown Weapons, Artisans, Musicians, Dancers, Performers, Heralds, Bards, Games Players and SCA-dians in general to participate in the 5th Annual Brass Ring Thing in the Canton of Beau Fleuve. The Hershell Carrousel Museum, The Rhydderich Hael and the Canton of Beau Fleuve are once again proud to present an event open to the general public to raise money for the museum but is FREE to all SCA-dians in garb. We have ample space inside and out of the Museum and the neighboring school so this event is definately Rain or Shine!

There will be plenty of Tournaments, Activities, Music, Performances, Arts, Games and Food....

Please Bring and Display Your Personal & Area Heraldry

Martial Activities

  • Archery
    Featuring the Inter-Baronial ArcheryChallenge
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Fencing
  • Heavy Weapons
    Specialty singles tournaments and if we have enough fighters we'd love to have melees and combat archery

  • Demonstrations
  • ART
  • Seige Weapon
    Crank Catapault
  • Cooking
  • Artisans Tent
    Mistress Cori will once again hostess the artisans tent where artisans are encouraged to bring what ever they want to demonstrate or work on and share the day with fellow artisans as well as the public.

  • Performing
    We welcome all that consider themselves bards, minstrels, enteratiners, thesbians, dancers, drummers, jesters juggelers and the like to come share your talent.
    • Live Music
    • Instrumental & Chorus
    • Dance
    • Story Telling
    • Jestering
    • Kids Activities
    • Games, Crafts, Animals & More

General Notes
Being that the origins of the carousel can be found in the ornate pageantry of the ring jousting tournaments of the thirteenth century, another non-profit group that preserves history has called upon us for help to hold an event open to the general public that is free to SCA members to raise money to maintain their museum. The Carousel Society of the Niagara Frontier invites you to participate in a joint event between the CSNF and the SCA to celebrate the medieval origins of the carousel. This will be a day of pageantry, revelry and martial tournaments.

Rattan, Fencing, Archery, and Thrown Weapons tournaments will alternate through out the day. There will be dancing and children's activities. We invite bards and musicians to wander or use stage areas to share their entertaining skills. Artisans will be given space to display their work as well as the A&S tent where artisans can chat and work in the shade as well as inform the public of their arts. This will be an opportunity not only to help out a good cause but also to show off the best our Society has to offer.

      This event is free to all SCA members who attend in garb. If you do not have a membership card an authorization card or the endorsement of an SCA officer will suffice. Please demonstrate pageantry in the greatest sense of the word through your banners, garb, skills, armor, and conduct. Opportunities such as this for our society to shine before the general public and attract new members is rare and should be made the most of when opportunity shows itself.

This is a daytime event with the park area opening at 8:00 am for set up. The event will officially start at 10 am and run till 8pm. There will be room for some period style pavilions; first come first right to pitch it up. Food vendors will be there, but feel free to bring picnic lunches and dinners.

If you need more information or have a suggestion for an activity, demonstration, or performance you would like to do at the Brass Ring Thing please contact Phil by emailing

For more information on the Carousel Museum you can go to

Take the I-290 to RT 425 Colvin Blvd North, turn left on to Tremont Street (0.4 miles), turn right on to Payne Ave (0.4 miles), and then turn left on to Thompson Street. The event will be in the park area next to the Carrousel Museum at 180 Thompson.