Daily Life in a Medieval Village

Fire Mountain Keep is hosting a hands on camping event to experience what it may have been like to live in a medieval village.

This is an opportunity to air out your camping gear in preparation for the upcoming tourney season! We are planning a weekend to relax with some entertainment, and new learning experiences.

There will be classes in:

  • English Longbow making -
  • Soapmaking -
  • Drop Spindle -
    and more...

Specific class information available April 18

Pre-registration will open Monday April 25, 2005

Site fee: $5 per adult $3 per child under 12, 5 and under are free.

Site opens: 3 pm May 27 and closes 5pm May 29

Autocrat: Lady Fionnghuala inghean Oitir gentlewings@hotmail.com

Registration: Lady Meheldis von Fulda meheldis@access4less.net

Merchants welcome, please contact Fionnghuala gentlewings@hotmail.com