The Baron and Baroness of Glymm Mere, Aric and Rhonwen, invite you to join them for a pleasant weekend to start the season in cordial company, and witness the investiture of Their Heirs to the Coronets of Glymm Mere.

By gracious permission of the Barony of Blatha an Oir, the Barony of Glymm Mere will hold Mayfaire once again at Riverglenn Campground near Orting, WA 29 April to 1 May, 2005.

Their Royal Majesties, Skeggi and Taisiia, will invest the new Baron and Baroness at Royal Court on Saturday morning, 30 April. All are invited to be present for this joyous occasion. Most especially the Landed Barons and Baronesses are invited to witness and welcome their new Cousins. Court is currently scheduled for 10 AM, subject to Their Majesties whim.

All heavily armored combatants who would vie for the title of Mayfaire Champion are invited to enter the list for this honor. There are 3 single-elimination heavy tourneys planned. The overall Mayfaire Champion will be decided by the outcome of these tourneys.

Armor Inspection 11:30 until 12:00
Mayfaire Champions Tourney begins at 12
The tourney will consist of three portions: a Great Weapons Tourney (no weapon under 48"), a No-Shield Tourney, and an Open Tourney. All will be single elimination, point-based tourneys, with the overall winner declared Mayfaire Champion.

The tournament to select the next Glymm Mere Rapier Champion is scheduled to follow the heavy tourney. Those rapier fighters who would stand as a Champion in Their Excellencies Court for the coming year are invited to enter the list.

Armor Inspection from 2-3 PM. The Rapier Champions Tourney will begin 3 PM.

Maitresse Elisabeth de Besancon welcomes artisans of all levels from beginner to Laurel to bring their projects to display and to work on. Display from 1-4 PM Saturday. The A&S pavilion will be open for working on projects from 11 AM to dusk.

The archery range will be open all weekend, at such times as there is a qualified Target Archery Marshal at the range. A thrown weapons area is also available near the archery range. Please see the site handout for the location and planned times of these activities.

There will be some children's activities on Saturday afternoon, please check at the volunteer shelter or listen for the heralds to announce the time and place.

The autocrat is hosting a stone soup kitchen in the volunteer shelter on Friday evening. All are invited to have a warm cup of soup and add something to the pot if you have aught to spare.

Many hands make light work, and the volunteer coordinator will have lists available for signup at the shelter. Hot beverages and sustenance are available at the volunteer shelter for all who give of their time to help this event be fun and safe for all. (Donations of food and drink happily accepted, please be sure that foodstuffs are properly protected from the elements and Riverglenn's many-legged critters of field and forest.)

There will be an open bardic revel at the large fire pit near the Volunteer Shelter on Saturday evening.

All are welcome to break their fast with the new Baron and Baroness on Sunday morning. There will be a pot-luck Baronial Breakfast at the Volunteer Shelter. Some cooking facilities may be available for the preparation of hot foods, or bring along a cook stove to help out if you can.

Site opens 29 April at 3 PM for the populace, noon for merchants. No early arrivals, please. Wet site, please use period containers. See site handout for fire regulations.

Weekend fee $15, day fee $10, children 6-15 years $8, under 6 free. Family cap $46. Add NMS fees for non-members.

Site closes on 1 May, 3 PM.

Please lend a hand in leaving this beautiful site as pristine as we found it. The site owner has done an amazing amount of work, opening up new camping and parking areas and clearing out brush. Let us repay his efforts with our careful stewardship of his lands.

From the north, make your way to SR167 south, exit to SR162. Go south (towards Orting) on SR162 approximately 4.5 miles to Riverglenn Campground. (If you cross the stone bridge, you've gone too far. ) From the south, take I-5 to SR512. At the merge with SR167 north, bear right on SR410. Exit to SR162 and proceed to Riverglenn.

Please visit the Mayfaire website for details on all activities.

Autocrat info:
Head Autocrat
Lady Rebecca atte Jardin

Assistant Autocrat
Lady Natasha Orionova Zateeva

Assistant Autocrat
Lord Cailin Lorne

Merchant Liaison
Gwenlian Catharne