Oldenfeld First Baronial Champions Tourney

On the weekend on the 29th of April, the oldest Shire in Trimaris will cease to be. After 31 years (give or take) the sun will set on the longest standing shire in Trimaris. On May Day weekend Oldenfeld will become the first group to be invested as a Barony in the Kingdom of Trimaris. The Barony of Wyvernwoode was invested in 1977 in the kingdom of Atenveldt. The Barony of An Crosaire was invested in 1979 in the kingdom of Meridies. The Barony of Darkwater was invested in 1985 in the kingdom of Meridies in the Principality of Trimaris. Oldenfeld will be the first Barony to have never bent a knee to a King who wasn't Trimarian.

To that end, Oldenfeld will be holding its first ever, Baronial Champion Tourneys. We will have a heavy tourney, a rapier tourney, an archery competition, a Bardic competition, an Arts and Sciences competition, Equestrian competitions and children's games.

Oldenfeld invites EVERYONE in the Known World to come compete in any or all of our games. Come ring in the SCA New Year. Come celebrate with us the dawn of a new day for the People of Oldenfeld!

For more information: http://www.foxcroft-cottage.com/OldenfeldInvestiture.html

Cabin space WILL and may have already, sell out but there is plenty of room to tent and there are hotels not too far away. Feast is still open but it too, will sell out. So get your reservations in soon to be sure that you will have a place!

This will be the largest event North Florida has ever seen. Merchants, don't miss this chance to sell your wares on this weekend!