Northshield Queen Challenges Kingdom's Youth

Lady Giulia of the Kingdom of Northshield announced recently that Her Majesty Fina has invited the youth of the Kingdom to participate in a quest to learn the skills and traditions of the SCA.

Lady Giulia writes:


Her Royal Highness (soon to be Her Royal Majesty) and I would like to invite all the youth of Northshield to participate in a Quest. This notice is for both children and parents. Please read it together.

The Quest is a challenge to all youth to try new things and become an active participant in the SCA. The Quest will commence at Coronation and will last until Her Majesty Fina steps down. We want every child to participate in the Quest as they are able. Discuss with each other what kinds of things you could do and who you know that could help.

There are many things that a child could try. Some ideas are:

Classes are frequently taught at events - take a class that you think is interesting. We are encouraging teachers to think about the appropriate ages for their classes. If an age isn't provided in the class description, ask the teacher if your child can attend. My daughter and I do this and she has seldom been refused. Parents are encouraged to attend classes with their children. It's fun to share these experiences with your children.

Children can also 'serve' in a variety of areas. They can help hand out tokens at troll. Help serve feast. Their Majesties and their Highnesses need retainers. Autocrats often need runners to help them, especially at larger events. Depending on the adults and the children, it is a good idea for an adult to perform these services with a child. Children could also help make new garb, learn to play a musical instrument, try armored combat, archery and dance. A&S activities are also great areas for children to experience new things.

Children can write songs or poems or learn and perform a song they really like.

We want to encourage parents to do these things with their children. Share the joy you find in the SCA and historical recreation. Try new things with your child. This is very important for helping them develop an interest and enjoyment in the SCA.

I will be sponsoring a bardic circle early in the day during WW so that children can come and raise their voices in song and A&S display tables at other events so children can show off the things they are doing and learning. I encourage children to come and tell me about fun things they have done. Children will be recognized for participating in the Quest at various events. These events will be announced ahead of time.

I will be available at Coronation to discuss the quest with any child or parent who has questions, concerns or helpful suggestions. I will post a notice of other events I will be attending on the Treehouse list when my summer schedule is set. Please find me at any event I am attending and tell me how you are progressing in your Quest to learn more about the SCA.

Please encourage our children to learn and do. There are no required number or types of things to do or try. Try the things you think are interesting and that are available to you. If there is a particular thing you would like to try let me know and I will attempt to find someone who can help you do it.

This Quest will be what each of us makes of it for ourselves and our children. I will do my best to help everyone enjoy it. Please do your best to do the same.