Stefan's Florilegium Updates for April 2005

THLord Stefan li Rous has announced updates for Stefan's Florilegium.

Greetings to the Gentles of the Known World,

Here is a copy of my Florilegium article for April, detailing what is new in the Florilegium for this month.

If you are the chronicler of a local newsletter and would like to get a copy of this article several weeks in advance so that you can have time to meet your publishing deadlines, please email me and send me your regular and SCA name, your group and its location, your publication name and the email which you would like me to send the article to. If you run an SCA-oriented website, I also have a version of this article formatted for web use.

This message should be going all kingdom mail lists, either directly or through a representative who forwards it for me. If you don't see it on a kingdom mail list, and yet see it on another kingdom's list, please contact me.



A Blending of the Past and Present

Over the past fifteen years in an ongoing effort, I have been collecting bits of useful information from various newsgroups, mail lists and articles submitted to me by their authors. In order to make this information available to others, I have placed this information in a series of files I call Stefan's Florilegium.

I am always interested in new articles. If you have written an article that would be of interest to others in the SCA, please send it to me for possible inclusion in the Florilegium. Contact me for more details.

I am also interested in volunteers who might be interested in helping me maintain the Florilegium. Everything from collecting materials, editing and web work is needed. Again, please contact me for more details.

For those who would like to help support the Florilegium project in another way, I have added a PayPal donation button on the top page of the site. Any donations, while not tax deductible, do help pay the overhead costs of keeping the site running.

THLord Stefan li Rous

Here are the new files for this month:

In the ANIMALS section:

  • hounds-lnks - Links to information on medieval hound dogs by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

In the CLOTHING section:

  • smptuary-laws-lnks - Links to info on medieval sumptuary laws by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

In the FEASTS section:

  • Medievl-Feasts-art - "The Medieval Feast - An Event, Not Food" by Mistress Willow de Wisp.

In the FOOD section:

  • About-Cheese-art - "About Cheese" A tranlation by Aelianora de Wintringham of a 1556 letter on Swiss cheese and dairy products.

In the PERFORMANCE ARTS section:

  • Entrtng-n-SCA-art - "Entertaining in the SCA: a short essay" by Baron Hrolf Herjolfssen.

In the PERSONAS section:

  • Barbrn-Persona-art - "Barbarian Personae" by Baron Hrolf Herjolfssen.
  • Persona-CMA-art - "Persona in the Current Middle Ages; Guidelines to persona play" by Mistress Willow de Wisp.


  • hemp-nettle-art - "Two Food/Fiber/Medical plants in use in Eastern Europe" by Jadwiga Zajaczkowa.

In the SCRIBAL ARTS section:

  • p-graffiti-lnks - Links to medieval graffiti and marginalia by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Here are just a some of the updated files, usually those with the largest amounts of new material:

  • artichokes-msg - Period artichokes. Recipes. Cardoons.
  • chairs-msg - Medieval and SCA chairs.
  • compost-msg - A pickled food of fruits and vegetables.
  • cook-ovr-fire-msg - Cooking over open fires. Outdoor feasts.
  • dayboards-msg - SCA dayboards, middle-of-the-day meals.
  • fd-decoratng-msg - Decorating and presenting period foods.
  • lamps-msg - Medieval lamps and lamps for SCA use.
  • p-petroleum-msg - Period use of petroleum. Crude oil.
  • p-songs-msg - Period songs and song lyrics.
  • peppers-msg - The introduction of peppers to Europe.
  • root-veg-msg - Medieval and period root vegetables.

Copyright 2005, Mark S. Harris.
Permission to reprint in SCA-related publications is hereby granted if the contents are left unchanged and the author is notified of the publication. Notification may be by email and reformatting is allowed.


THLord Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
Kingdom of Ansteorra
Mark S. Harris
Austin, Texas

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