In a Phoenix Eye XI

Come and join the Barony of Sacred Stone in celebration of its Eleventh In a Phoenix Eye. This event is the Barony's premiere Arts and Sciences competition, and as in the previous year there will be an Inter-Baronial competition. There are over twenty categories in which to compete in, but to claim the pentathlon prize you must enter 5 categories. Each entrant will be asked to select a Barony to represent.

Adult Members: $6.00 Day-trip
Adult Non-Members: $9.00 Day-trip
Children: 6-15 $2.00

The Site
Is the R.O. Huffman Center in Drexel N.C. The site will open at 8:30 am and close at 9:00 pm.

(Note: Site is Dry. Brewing competition only)

Web Site For all categories and competition rules please type

As we receive confirmation as to which Baronies will be competing they will be listed here.

Autocrat / Reservations
Christian Thomas of York
( Chris Prewitt)

Find your best route to I-40 Exit 107 Drexel NC. "from both East and West" off the ramp turn right. go 1.5 miles to traffic light go through light R.O. Huffman Center is .5 miles on left.

"follow all SCA signs"