Society Seneschal capitulates on FOIA at last

Remember that article we published on April 1 about the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request being "stalled" by the Society Seneschal? The document has at last been declassified, by executive decree.

{sigh} We wanted to share this with you for April Fool's Day, but we couldn't lay our hands on an unmutilated copy of the full text in time. But, better late than never I always say, so follow the "original article" link from here and enjoy a great laugh.

Actually, we're linking this because Aaron plugs at the end of his post — in the Darwin Section, so we're in the company of the ultimate stooopids, which is quite an honor, really. We figure at least a few people will see Aaron's plug of us, use Google to get our URL, and come back here thinking they found a new web site, and we'll take those page hits any way we can shamelessly grub for them. To be sure, not many people will fall for that, and they'll probably be the same ones Aaron puts into his Darwin category in the first place, so there is a kind of twisted karma balance to the whole convoluted mess.

Enjoy the link, and we'll start thinking up next year's spoof.