Trimaris secedes from SCA

Rumour has it that as of noon today, Trimaris will secede from the SCA, and form its own medieval recreation group: The Society for Compulsive Actions (Florida).

The SCA(F) will hold its own medieval recreation activities, and those pesky people from Ohio and California can go for a long walk off a short pier (right into those alligators).

All future events in Trimaris will feature period cooking and camping. That means you hunt it, kill it and cook it! All event participants are expected to live a more authentic medieval lifestyle, so don't bother trying to call them or send them email. They haven't got either. People wishing to attend events in Trimaris will have to either walk or ride a horse to a given event site, as the true medieval reenactor does not ride in or drive automobiles.

Within hours of the announcement, it is expected that Meridies, Atlantia and Ansteorra will also follow suit, declaring their secession from the SCA.

I can forsee an awful and bloody civil war brewing.

-------- Ld Zark von Flemsburgh -----
--------------- 1st April, 2005 -----------