Calontiri Continue to Rotate In and Out of War Zones

Jenna of SouthWind reports on citizens of the Kingdom of Calontir serving in the military in Iraq.

Colonel Jenna writes:

March 2005

As he prepared to step down from the Falcon Throne on March 5, HRM Calontir told the populace that he was being called away to the Holy Land to guard pilgrims.

He wasn’t indulging in theatrical schtick.

In fact, his mundane persona had some trouble ensuring that he would not be shipped out prior to the end of the reign. He joins several Calontiri ‘Over There’ in various theatres of war including the Middle East and Europe. Conversely, attendees at his last court included one of two very recent returnees from Iraq.

The Kingdom of Calontir held a collection of Goodies for Our Troops in conjunction with the November 2004 Toys for Tots Tournament. TRM personally perused the goodies and selected Their favorite (out-of-season Girl Scout cookies) based in part on the King’s previous experiences in Mundane war zones.

Names have been deliberately left out of this account by the author, for reasons of privacy and security.

Jenna of SouthWind
Bard, historian, inter-kingdom anthropologist