What's cooking in Polderslot?

For all who like to cook and those who like to eat

Of course every event has a feast. But this time, we'll make the feast extra special and everyone who wants to can help with the preparation of one of the courses. It doesn't matter if it's the first time you'll try your hand at medieval food, or if you're just looking for new inspiration.

In the morning, we will have some classes about typical ingredients for a Medieval meal, which you can try out (and -- of course -- taste as well).

In the afternoon, some of Polderslot's cooks will take you along in preparing the courses for the feast, as well as providing some background information.

And if you want to teach a class, you can still contact the Event Steward about that.

For those who don't like to cook -- but just come along for tasting the food -- we will have some games available to while away your time.

Also, there is plenty of space available around the site to try out your trusty sword and shield. If you are planning to do so, please contact our local Marshal, Master Floris (at floris@blancefloer.demon.nl ).

Most of the information presented at the event (as well as all the recipes you have been cooking and tasting) will be gathered in a booklet to take home with you.

"De Patrijs",
Paterstraat 15,
5977 NM Evertsoord.

Site opens on 19:00 on Friday and closes on 12:00 on Sunday. There are plenty of beds available, but please bring sheets and pillowcases.

Cost: EUR 35 for the whole weekend including breakfast and feast. Because the site owner counts everyone for the full weekend, we can't give discounts for day-trippers. Children do get a discount; please contact the Event Steward (see below for details) for the exact arrangements. People who are not members of the SCA, the VCA, or allied organisations will be charged EUR 3 extra.

Directions: Coming from the SOUTH, EAST or WEST:
- Find your best way to the motorway A67 from Venlo to Eindhoven.
- Take exit 38.
- Follow direction Venray/IJsselsteyn (N277)
- Follow this for approx 3.8 Km, when you reach the crossing towards Evertsoord to the left, Sevenum to the right (Waterstraat).
- Go towards Evertsoord for about 800 meters, and the Patrijs is on your righthandside.

Coming from the NORTH:
- Find your best route to the A73 (Nijmegen to Venlo).
- Take exit 9.
- Follow the N270 for 8 km towards Helmond.
- At the Roundebout intersection with the 277, go towards IJsselsteyn and follow this road for 12 km.
- You will now reach the crossing Evertsoord to the right, Sevenum to the left (Waterstraat).
- Go towards Evertsoord for about 800 meters, and the Patrijs is on your righthandside.

Event steward:
Lady Hilde (Karen Kramer) cooking@hypno-drama.nl