Scadians on Active Duty in the Persian Gulf Listed

Dagonell, Webmaster of Heronter in AEthelemarc, has created a website to list all Scadians on active duty in the Gulf. Due to the large number of troops that are being sent to the Middle East, it is inevitable that some of them will be members of the SCA. Dagonell, the Webmaster of the Shire of Heronter in AEthelmearc, has created a website to list the names of those on active duty in the Gulf. The listings are by Kingdom and include the member's contact information and length of term of duty. Those who wish to send a care package are given instructions as well as a wish list of the most desirable items and those which may not be sent.

Anyone who has information on a Scadian on duty in the Persian Gulf is encouraged to add his or her name to the list. Everyone is encouraged to support out troops with good wishes and care packages.