Coronation of TRM Tristram and Katrine

Colonel Jenna of SouthWind, Bard, historian, and inter-kingdom anthropologist, has written an extensive report chronicling the March 5, 2005 Coronation of Their Majesties Tristram and Katrine of the Kingdom of Calontir.

Coronation of TRM Tristram and Katrine
March 5, 2005
Incipient Shire of Amleth Moor and Shire of Standing Stones
Hallsville, Missouri

The day was exceedingly mild and fair, and the hall really quite nice (how many grade schools have a Great Hall with a dais, decorated with hand-printed heraldic tapestries of the school’s livery colors?) Rhianwen the Excellent One, Keeper of Regalia, had decorated the hall with particularly choice items, both beautiful and precious. Large arrangements of cut flowers, curtains behind the thrones and great painted tapestries paled to nothingness beside such ancient and honorable treasures as the very first Principality banner, made when Calontir's colors were still white and red and green, or the war pennon made to honor Fair Eislinn the Patient (upon Whom be Peace.)

TRH Northshield honored Calontir with Their presence, and by wearing a matched pair of some of the most magnificent coronets this writer (who is a jeweler of 30 years experience) has ever seen. But even finer, Their noble and pleasing deportment to even the most humble. During the Coronation Court They were seated with the populace in the front row, for the dais was for Calontir alone this day.

TRM Garick and Yasamin opened Their last court. Announced Garick to all, “This day is like no other.