Sapphire Joust VI

As winter fades and spring begins to blossom, young warriors yearn to test their mettle on the tourney field. Nothing is more glorious than to fight for one so fair and comely, who inspires great acts of chivalry and unparalleled honor upon the field. The annual Sapphire Joust held in the Barony of Caer Mear calls all fighters to come and test their skills in the tourney. There will be both heavy weapons and rapier tournaments. All fighters are encouraged to wear the favor of one dear to them. As is the custom, the sapphire prizes will be awarded to the fighters who are deemed the most chivalrous and honorable on the field that day. For the less combative, there will be no lack of activities, including A&S displays and classes, contests of games, children's activities, and archery. Since the weather will be spectacular all weekend long, there are activities planned for Saturday and Sunday.

As brilliant is the sparkle of the gemstones - diamond, emerald, and sapphire - so is the richness of Atlantia's finest artisans! In honor of the 30th Gem Joust, come display your finest works in the Arts and Sciences at Sapphire Joust. The following competitions will be held: Best Favor or Token and Best use of Gem Theme, which is a contest for works that best fully capture the history and spirit of the Gem Jousts. Any non-performing media is acceptable, and entries should reflect a gem theme. Entries can have a specific gem motif, or simulate gemstones, but MAY NOT contain real, precious gemstones, as we cannot guarantee security of items. In addition, prizes are to be awarded for Best in Show, and Best Documentation. An Open Display will also be encouraged, as we wish as many artisans as are able to show their works. If you have any questions, or are considering entering or displaying works contact Lady Leofwynne le Glasyer at to pre-reserve display and competition space. Provide the approximate dimensions of table space you will need for each display or entry you are planning, so event staff can attempt to accommodate each artisan's needs.

Please check our web site ( for current updates to the flyer.

Merchants: are welcome. Merchants who reserve will be guaranteed space, but you must send your space requirements with your reservation. If you do not reserve merchant space, you are not guaranteed merchant space.

Cost: The cost for the weekend is $12.00 for camping, $8.00 for day travelers. Children 10 and under are guests of the Barony. The feast fee is $7.00, the meal of simple fare is $4.00.

Site: The event will be held at Tom Scott Park in Amelia County. The site opens at 5:00 pm on Friday, May 27 and closes at noon on Monday, May 30. The site is WET. Pets must be leashed. This event will be run liken to Pennsic: I.E. A camping event with tents and pavilions in which all activities will take place. There will be shower area provided, but there is not facility to run water to all private camps.

Autocrat: Lord Lazaros Tagaris (Bart Elkins)

Reservationist: Lady Lisette la Bergiere

From the North: Take 295 West around Richmond to I-64 west. Take the exit for 288 South and continue to the exit for 360 West to Amelia.

From the West: take your best route to I-64 East toward Richmond. Take the exit for 288 South and continue to the exit for 360 West to Amelia.

From the South: Take 288 West from I-95. Take 288 to the exit for 360 West to Amelia.

From 288 and 360 West to Amelia: Take 360 West for about 20 miles to a right exit for Business 360 West in Amelia. Turn Left at the bottom of the ramp and continue on Business 360 almost 2 miles to Otterburn Rd (Route 614) on the left. Continue 1 mile on 614 and take a right after the fairgrounds into Tom Scott Park