Calontiri Donate Time and Food to Gulf War Soup Kitchen

Baroness BelAnna de Ruge, Calontir Soup Kitchen Coordinator, has posted interesting facts about the activity of the Soup Kitchen at this year's Gulf War.

Baroness BelAnna writes:

I would like to Thank everyone who helped in the Soup Kitchen at Gulf War. Everyone from those who made Jerky to fighter bisquits to stirring soup and making PBJ's on site. Many hands make light work! I could not have done it without each and everyone of you!

Thanks Again,

Some Gulf War Soup Kitchen Facts:

  • 18 pots of chicken soup (2 for each battle some 2 battles a day)
  • 1200 Cups of soup where drank
  • 25 loafs of bread used
  • 6 jars of Peanut butter
  • 6 jars of jelly (home made)
  • 2 Bushels of apples
  • 1 large bag of oranges
  • 24 pounds of cheese
  • 12 gallons of Minestone Soup donated not made on site
  • Countless amounts of chocolate cookies
  • Bags of Brownie bites my personal favorite!
  • Apple butter
  • Tins of homemade short bread cookies
  • A case of thin mints!
  • Jerky!!!!!
  • Fighter Bisquits!
  • Pickles
  • 150 Beer Brats and the fixins donated by Troy and fixed for us by Troy and his Lady! What a nice surprise!
Second setup of the New Soup Kitchen Tent purchased for us by the Barony of Three Rivers!
  • One new ridge pole (made on site)
  • One new rear pole (made on site)
  • New ropes (donated on site)
The new tent kept us and the Soup Kitchen supplies nice and dry!

Let us not forget our fellow Calontir in the Merchant Area who we delivered Beer Brats and Soup to, so they could feel the warmth that only the Soup Kitchen can provide on a ice cold Gulf War day!

Thanks to all of those who helped get us setup and functioning!

I thank everyone for all their support!

Baroness BelAnna de Ruge
Calontir Soup Kitchen Coordinator

But wait you didn't get to help this past war! That's ok there is always Pennsic!