Anglo-Saxon for Computer Programmers

According to Carl T. Berkhout, a glossary of Anglo-Saxon words for computer programmers is a handy tool for technical writers who "strive for greater clarity and simplicity in their writing." Carl T. Berkhout thinks technical writers and computer programmers should have all the tools at their fingertips that they can. This website offers a glossary of Anglo-Saxon words for computer terms such as:

(n)brastlung (f), gebr

Improved clarity, indeed

Odd....these words seem somehow clearer than the average software documentation.

I think I will use a few in my next technical writing project. My boss is a classically trained humanities scholar, and he will either be highly amused, or he will read them instinctively and will not even notice that they are uncommon!

A-S for technical writers

You never know when you'll have to write an online help manual in Old English.

Mistress Gwyneth Banfhidhleir, OL

aka Ginny Claphan, Technical Writer.