Jousting Information Sought

The Honorable A.E.Vespers is collecting information about jousting practices and groups engaging in jousting in the SCA.

A.E.Vespers writes:

Greetings And Most Blessed Immortal Tidings To Ye All,

In a serious vein... As you recall we were discussing the progress of jousting within the SCA and possible sites for information on the subject.

I am currently compiling a master list of the current SCA jousting groups and their site links as well as including other groups or links that may be relevant or provide assistance to the members as the rules, guidelines for safety and specs for equipment continue to develop over the years.

This means I'm also in need of any non-SCA related material or site links that provide information pertaining to groups which now hold jousting competitions at their events or have in the past.

Apart from links for non-SCA jousting information, I am also seeking to interview or receive stories from anyone who has experience with jousting or groups that have. This will be used for the purpose of condensing all non-SCA material into an article on Jousting Societies Outside Of The SCA.

As always, I'm most eager to have historical information shared as well so as to remain true to period authenticity and flare.

Please send this all to so it may be refined, prioritized and given a more palatable format before consumption.

Thank you in advance for any and all contributions.

The Honorable A.E.Vespers

P.S. Photos and other Jousting related media are most welcome.