Ice Dragon Pentathlon Results

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, Penthathlon Coordinator for Ice Dragon 2005, reports on the results for this year's contest.

Greetings from Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, Penthathlon Coordinator for Ice Dragon 2005.

I would like to recognize the category winners, special prize winners, and overall Pent winner for this year's competition.

Each major category with at least three entrants resulted in a category winner. Their average score (out of 60) is in parentheses. Those were:

George Anne, for Rurik's Ducal Scroll, (53.0)
Hrefna in heppna Iorgrimsdottir, for A String of Beads from Birka, (53.3)
Studio Arts:
Hrefna in heppna Iorgrimsdottir, for Millrind Award Scroll (54.0)
Literary Arts:
Medb ingen Dungaile, for "The Making of a Roman Dessert: Aliter Dulcia (Another Kind of Dessert)"(48.3)
Lavena Knappe, for Champleve on Copper Laurel Medallion (47.0)
Carving and Material Manipulation:
Aengus MacBain, for Bookbinding - Vigil Book (55.5)
Lavena Knappe, for Glass Beads with Eye Motifs, (52.7)
Lavena Knappe, for Leather Bottle (55.3)
Rowan de la Garnison, for A Condiment (Pickles), (42.8)
Debatable Brewer's Guild, for Plain Oak Mead (52.7)

Special Honors:

Baroness' Choice:
Muirghein Gealdhain, "Lyev" Illumination
Baron's Choice:
Rota Egilsdottir, Scroll based on page from Office of the Dead
Kingdom A&S Minister's choice:
Muirghein Gealdhain, War Arrows
Barhus Prize (best documentation, presented by Patrikia Maria and Sir Mord):
Tie: Valgardr Gunnarson (whose Tabletwoven Trim also had the highest overall score, at 57.3) and Lavena Knappe.


There were three entrants: Caleb Reynolds, Lavena Knappe, and Hrefna in heppna Iorgrimsdottir. The winner, with a cumulative score of 247.3, was Lavena Knappe.

Congratulations to all! And a reminder to all winners: Did you pick up your prize? If not, contact the autocrat!

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton
Pent Coordinator