Barony of Winter's Gate Investiture

Their Excellencies Khevron and Morgana invite one and all to help celebrate the investiture of their heirs Griffin and Margery. His Majesty Alden has confirmed He will be joining us for the festivities, as have Their Highnesses Buliwyf and Svana. The theme is Black and White.

Activities will include children's activities, dancing, bardic, entertainment, courts, visiting with old and new friends, and much good food. There will also be fighting. A pas/draw tourney to entertain the fighters and gallery is being planned, with drawings for weapon styles, opponents and other surprises as part of the fun. Participating fighters are asked to please bring their extra armor (especially gauntlets) and weapons. It is also hoped that the King will bring his armor and play with us. A Sunday fighter practice is also being planned.

Competitions are also planned. The site is wet, so the brewing guild is sponsoring an open competition (the current baroness likes sweet meads; the incoming baroness likes sweet cordials). The local Measure for Measure cooking guild is sponsoring sweet desserts to be served with lunch. Griffin and Margery are sponsoring two: (1) open A&S, celestial and navigational theme (from maps to stitched planetary motifs), (2) and bardic, Ode to Winter's Gate. They are also sponsoring a Fool's competition with an eye to appointing a court fool.

Griffin and Margery would like this event to feature and show off our fine Oerthan bardic artists, and so make a call for entertainers for court breaks and during dinner. Bardic and fool's competition entries are to be presented at those times. Non-competitive entertainment is also being requested. Please contact the autocrat if you would be willing to present a piece (or three).

As Winter's Gate is known for its fine food, two meals will be provided: a lunch/dayboard and a feast. Lunch will include onion soup (vegetarian), beef & barley stew, Digby's tosted cheese (as long as it lasts), fruit, cheese, bread, marinated mushrooms (as long as they last), as well as the dessert entries. Feast will include such delectable dishes as Platina chicken (cinnamon citrus sauce), poached salmon with three sauces, German chicken, more mushrooms, and assorted side dishes and desserts.

The Barony is also holding an auction so this event will not deplete the baronial coffers. All donations gladly accepted. Donated items can be delivered as late as the day of the event. If you wish to bring an item to donate, please let Barbara know ahead of time, so she can prepare a bid sheet if we hold a silent auction, rather than or in addition to, an oral auction. Barbara can be reached at

The site is Badger Hall on the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds (corner of College Road and Aurora), and opens at 10 am (although cooks and other volunteers will be there earlier). Please RSVP by April 10 if possible, so we know how many we are cooking for (prepayment not required). Autocrat is Magda (Ozzie Oszustowki Please let us know if you need housing, and your allergies (cats, smoking, etc., as well as food allergies). Due to site restrictions, sorry no merchanting allowed (the merchants themselves, on the other hand, are most welcome).

Event fee is $10 per adult, $13 for non-members (family rates and children to be negotiated; young children are free). Volunteering in lieu of event fee can also be negotiated. And please be advised that the barony will be complying with the West Kingdom decision, and supported by Their Highnesses, to ask for proof of membership at the constabulary table. Please be prepared to comply and treat our constables courteously. The West Kingdom Welcome Committee will be present.