Cherry Blossom Festival

The sun is shinning the birds are singing…come out and celebrate Eskalya's Annual Cherry Blossom Viewing……

Contest galore. .Vist with Old and new friends. Cheer on the Fighters. Enjoy a Class about Japanese culture.

As is custom there will be the annual JAPANESE WEAPONS TOURNEY for heavy fighters. Great Sword, Bastard sword etc….Contact Sir Georg for further questions on this tourney (Heavy Tourney to start at 1pm)…….

For our Translators in the group…… ENGLISH SUB TITLES for the tourney fights….. One of the Autocrats favorite contest come join in and let us know what these fighters are mumbling about

Immediately following the heavy tourney (2pm ish)


  1. All Participants in the Five Samurai's tourney will have five bouts against different opponents.
  2. The weapons styles for each bout will be up to the participants in that particular bout and need not be matching weapons. But at least two different weapons styles must be used at some point during an individuals five bouts.
  3. Each participant will be scored according to their win/loss record and the over all winner will be determined through comparison of all participants records.
  4. In the event of a tie there will be a single elimination final bout to determine the winner of the tourney.

When signing up on the list each contestant will have the option of either signing up as a Japanese persona, or a Portuguese persona.

If you choose to sign up as a Japanese persona, Japanese dress is encouraged, and you will be required to perform for the sitting court and the populace a piece Tanka poetry of either classical or original composition. Tanka poetry follows a structure similar to Haiku, but is a 5-7-5-7-7-syllable construct.

If you choose to sign in to the list as a Portuguese persona, you will be required to bring an item of treasure to contribute to the winners chest which will become the prize for the overall winner of the tourney.

The overall winner will have their pick of the treasure, then will have the rest of the treasure to distribute among other contestants as they see fit.

For those of us who could use a little Japanese help, we will be hosting , THREE 30 MIN CLASSES on Fun Japanese factoids, Culture, and the Childrens' Origami class (children of all ages welcome) Classes to start at 3pm ish…..

Best new Japanese/Chinese GARB male and female ( documentation encouraged).

Table Decoration contest

This years theme for the Annual Hiku contest …."Oerthan Spring"

As is custom a "light" Japanese period fest will be provided, please bring supplements to share…….

Site: Lady Viola's, Lord Nytshaed's and Lady Yukiko's home in Eagle River
17244 Santa Maria Dr. Eagle River Glenn hwy to Eagle River...from the north: Rt turn on to old glenn highway, to Santa Maria (4th street on left)..... From south:exit to Eagle River, left turn on to old glenn hwy...thru third stop light ....street just north of TIPS Bar, right turn on to Snta Maria Dr.......Big Green "A FRAME" at the top of the hill

Site Fee: $11.00 ($8 with proof of membership) 13 and older $3.00 (3-13)