MK Order of the Rose & Viscounty Site is Live

I am most pleased to announce to you that the Middle Kingdom's Order of the Rose and Viscounty site went live today! Happy 12th Night! Order of the Rose and Viscounty site is on with the link right below Curia Regis and above Order of the Chivalry. Or it can be reached directly at .

This project has been under way for a long time and I am estatic to see it completed.

I would like to highly commend to all the artist, Brian Crick, and the programmer, Zadok ben Solomon ibn Alfakhar of Northshield.

Also, I would like thank Duchess Garlanda de Stanas and Sir Nickolas Grigorevich Petrov who worked to get this project previously and were supportive of this version of the project.

Further, I would like to thank Countess Tamara and Duchess Caitlin for finding Zadok and Brian. Also contributing to the success of this site our my three main wonderful testers: Duchess Arabella, Duke Rangvaldr, and Baroness Alexandra.

Finally, I would like to thank my ever supportive husband Viscount Sir Myles.

I remain in faithful service,
Mistress Katharina von der Waldwiese
Viscountess and Lady of the Edelweiss