New Peers Made in AEthelmearc

At the recent Passing of the Ice Dragon event held in Rhydderich Hael (Buffalo, New York), Their Majesties Rurik and Angelik of AEthelmearc elevated Lyev Davidovitch, Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina and Roberta McMorland to the Order of the Laurel.

In her Court Report, Diana Slivinska described the ceremonies:

Their Majesties called forth the Most Noble Order of the Laurel and asked whether it was still the Order's wish to have a certain candidate among them. Having received an affirmative answer, Their Majesties called forth Don Lyev Davidovitch who, after returning the token of his apprenticeship to Master Charles O'Connor, indicated his desire to proceed with his elevation. Their Majesties received wise counsel from His Excellency, Sir Yngvar the Dismal; Mistress She'erah bat Shlomo; Her Grace, Mistress Dorinda Courtenay; and Mistress Aleea Baga, and agreed that Don Lyev was indeed worthy of elevation. They then invested him with the medallion and cloak of his new station, and Her Excellency, Mistress Graidhne ni Ruaidh presented him with a standard bearing the heraldry he wishes to register: a dance between three left feet. Their Majesties then received Lyev's Oath of Service, created him a Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Laurel, and granted him arms by letters patent. Scroll by Lady Muirghein Gealbhain upon a text by Master Hector of the Black Height.

All at once, the sounds of drums and cannons was heard in the hall, and the populace was pelted with sweets. It appeared that a band of pirates had descended upon the court! However, upon closer inspection, Their Majesties wisely discerned that it was, in fact, THLady Roberta McMorland presenting herself as directed. Their Majesties asked Her Ladyship whether she would proceed with her ceremony. After receiving the Dread Pirate's assent, Their Majesties heard the words of His Excellency, Sir Edmund Dracatorr; Dame Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina; Her Excellency, Mistress Isabeau de l'Isle; Master Brendan Brisbane; and Her Royal Majesty, Genevieve, Queen of Ealdormere, all of whom spoke highly of Roberta. Their Majesties having agreed that it was indeed right and proper to invest Roberta with the proper regalia did call for it; she was first presented a Promissory Cloak, with some of the outlines and wording being done, but fortunately, her Real Cloak was indeed present, as was her medallion and a wreath, the gift of Master Brendan Brisbane. Their Majesties received Roberta's Oath of Service, and created her a Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Laurel, and granted her arms by letters patent. Promissory scroll by Her Grace, Mistress Anna Blackleaf.

More drums were heard from far off Eastern lands, and gentles did process into Their Majesties' Presence. After surveying the newcomers, but not finding the gentle They sought, Their Majesties did demand of Don Eric Grenier de Labarre the whereabouts of his lady wife, Dame Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina. Don Eric had a closer look, and did discern his lady wife mingling incognito amongst the pirates, wearing very odd clothing. He did proceed to remove the offending garments from her body, whereupon Dame Katja's mother proceeded to dress her appropriately for the occasion. After receiving her assent to her elevation, Their Majesties received the wisdom of His Excellency, Master Robin Wallace; Her Excellency, Mistress Daedra McBeth a Gryphon; Her Grace, Meirwen uerch Owein; and Mistress Roberta McMorland, Their Majesties agreed that Katja should indeed be numbered among the Laurels. They invested her with the wreath and aba of her new station, and allowed His Excellency, Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg and His Excellency, Master Devin Adair Bartholomy the honor of placing the medallion about her neck. After receiving Katja's Oath of Service, Their Majesties created her a Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Laurel. Scroll in form of a cookbook titled "How to Serve the Populace of AEthelmearc" by Don Eric Grenier de Labarre; Caradawc Mendwr; Lady Khazima bint Hakim; Lady Pleasance de Coignieres; Mistress Roberta McMorland; Lady Portia de Sancto Lucianno; Lord Eldjarn the Thoughtful; Lady Alessandra Bentivegna da Faenza, called Yasmina; Lady Bryn ni Mac Rose; and Her Excellency, Mistress Daedra McBeth a Gryphon.