Sir Cadogan and Mistress Eufemia, heirs of Drachenwald

Genevieve la flechiere, Schwarzdrachen herald in Drachenwald, provides a detailed report on the noble contest to determine the new Royal Heirs in that fair Kingdom.

Lady Genevieve la flechiere writes:

Greetings from Genevieve Schwarzdrachen,

Safely returned to my home in West Dragonshire, I can give a few details about the outcome of Drachenwald Crown tournament, hosted by TRM Padraig and Elsa.

This event took place in the splendid Hohenberg an der Eger, a former castle and gatehouse, now converted to a youth hostel and training centre. The tourney field was within the enclosure of the castle walls.

The final field included eleven combatants, as follows:

  • Jarl Sven Gunnarsson
    Countess Thora Asbiornsdottir
  • Count Marcus Eisenwald
    Countess Aurelia von Falkenstein
  • Vicomte Michael die Zauberzunge Ritter von Essen
    Baroness Moira O'Mordroe
  • Master Johan Magnusson Kivisuo
    Mistress Jaelle of Armida
  • Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon
    Lady Dubheasa ní Cheírin
  • Sir Cadogan map Cado
    Maestra Eufemia Serafina da Bergamo
  • Lord Robert of Canterbury
    Hon. Lady Genevieve La Flechiere
  • Arglwydd Alan Myfyrgar
    Fru Elsa Pedersdotter
  • Lord Vitus Polonius
    Lady Eleanora von Ratzeburg
  • Lord Freiman the Minstrel
    Lady Esmeralda
  • Risteárd Ruadh MacLeóid, Tiarna
    Lady Alessandra Lucia della Robbia
  • Herr Arnulf der Zeilner
    Herrin Anna von Silvenhain
Drachenwald Crown is traditionally a round robin tournament, giving all fighters a chance to fight everyone else entered.

After the initial round robin, the top four fighters progressed to a second round robin. Both these rounds were decided by single bouts.

The final two fighters fought a best two of three to determine a winner.

In this tournament, their Majesties declared that double kills would count as double losses, with no bouts refought.

Master Terafan, regrettably, was not able to confirm his future plans before this tournament, and could not guarantee that he could fulfill his duties, if he won.

Nevertheless, their Majesties decided they preferred to have him and his lady entered in the tournament. Thus Master Terafan fought as a destructive bye fighter; he could not enter the finals, but his opponents would count their wins and losses against him.

The first large round-robin was fought in two lists, making for a brisk tournament. The chilly and wet conditions of the past week made the two lists very muddy and slippery, and all the fighters were testing their footing very carefully.

After the initial round, the top four fighters were

  • Jarl Sven Gunnarsson
  • Vicomte Michael die Zauberzunge Ritter von Essen
  • Sir Cadogan map Cado
  • Arglwydd Alan Myfyrgar

From these semifinalists, Jarl Sven and Sir Cadogan emerged as finalists. These finalists were were well received by the populace, and a victory for either would be most welcome.

Jarl Sven is known as a knight of Nordmark and has reigned once before with his lady Countess Thora. He had also come second in the previous Crown tournament (won by His Majesty Padraig).

Sir Cadogan and Mistress Eufemia arrived in Drachenwald last year from AEtenveldt and thus were less well known. But even on short acquaintance they made friends at this event, with their personal warmth and pleasant company.

Before every bout, Sir Cadogan presented his own lady, and the lady of his opponent with a flower, to thank them both for serving as inspiriation for the fight.

Sir Cadogan won two decisive and clean bouts in a row, and the populace cheered warmly to hear him named as winner and heir to the Crown.

Respectfully submitted,

Genevieve la flechiere
Schwarzdrachen herald