Directory of SCA Households Returns to the Web

Jeffrey C. Smith of Parsberg, Germany has re-posted his Directory of SCA Households with a new, automated look. In a post on the Drachenwald list, Jeffrey C. Smith writes:

This is a courtesy message to let you know that Ede's Directory of SCA Households is back!

I was unable to keep up with the literally hundreds of responses to the original Directory of Households as I input everything by hand. The new Directory of Households solves this problem as your information is generated into the site automatically as soon as you submit it. It is now also searchable by all fields.

List your group on Ede's Directory of Households site today-go to the website and click on "Houses."


I am also featuring a new program called Allies & Enemies. This program is designed to bring different houses together. Make new friends that have the same interests as you, then kill them! Or not--you decide.

Find out more about Ede's Allies & Enemies program--go to the website and click on 'A&E.'


If you think this new site would be beneficial to others, help spread the word by listing the address on an email list, bulletin board, printed publication, courtesy link on your site, etc. Feel free to copy and paste this message as needed."