Below the Salt

Are you tired of trying to decide what title to use when addressing a particular noble? Are you frustrated with being caught off guard when the King and Queen suddenly appears before you? Still having trouble figuring out which award is for what and whether or not it is a kingdom level or a baronial level award? Are you still confused at what a peerage is? Well then, have we got an event for you!

Below the Salt, where nobody has a title, and everyone has fun!

Event site: Fort Defiance 1792 Fort Defiance Dr. Lenoir, NC 28645 Camping is primitive tenting only. Period tents encouraged but not required. See below for a list of local hotels. Heavy Fighting: We will have two tourneys and a WOODS BATTLE for the heavy fighters that features the outlaws vs. the sheriff's men. Come on out all you Combat Archers; this battle is ready-made for you! For the winner of the tourney we also have a hand painted beer stein!

Rapier Fighting: For the rapier we have a special treat, a tavern brawl scenario at the INFAMOUS DRUNKEN MERMAID TAVERN! Come try to survive in the chaotic turmoil that takes place in the roughest bar of the kingdom! For the one who shows his skill and cunning to be the best, they will win a hand painted beer stein!

A&S: There will be a brewing contest for those of you interested in testing your ability to impress our judge. The categories will be: Best Ale, light and dark. Best Mead, any. Best Wine, any. Best overall. Period recipes with accompanied documentation are encouraged! The winner of Best overall will receive a hand painted beer stein!

Gaming Contest: There will be (fake) coin handed out at troll for a gaming contest. Winners of this contest will receive a SPECTACULAR PRIZE! ***A hand painted banner of Spike!*** There will be multiple winners.

Feast: Must be reserved in advance.
Simple but hearty & good tasting fare.
$4 gets you the following:
Breakfast Saturday: Oatmeal and hard-boiled eggs Hot water for tea and instant coffee

Dinner Saturday: Cheese Bread (home baked of course) Honey butter Hard-boiled eggs Venison stew Leek and Potato soup Mincemeat tarts Oatcakes Costs: Site Fee Feast
Adults (ages 18 and up) $8.00 $4.00
Youth (ages 6-17) $5.00 $4.00
Children 5 and under Gratis Gratis

Note - Non-members ages 18 and up, please include $3.00 bringing your site fee total to $11.00. This does not apply to members under the age of 18.

Autocrat - Edward Shirebrooke (Rick Dawman)

Reservationist - Reyna Camlo (Robin Dawman)


Take your best route to Hwy 321 toward Lenoir, NC. From the South: Continue on Hwy 321 through the city of Lenoir. Approximately 3.5 miles after the last traffic light in the city you will come to a flashing yellow light, turn right onto Hwy 268. (Continue below.)

From the North: As you approach the city of Lenoir on Hwy 321, look for the flashing yellow light and turn left onto Hwy 268. (Continue below.)

Travel on Hwy 268 for 9/10 of a mile, turn right. (Staying on Hwy 268.) Continue for 4.5 miles before turning right into Ft. Defiance.