moves to new server (including the web site plus all email lists in this domain) has just moved to a new web server, which should be quite a bit faster than our old server. Please excuse any bumps along the way.

The new server has almost three times the capacity of our old one. In addition to the faster processing speed, we are planning a software upgrade within the next few weeks that will bring new features to the site while keeping our sparse, fast-loading layout.

Please report any problems with the new server to webmaster (at) scatoday (dot) net.

Note: If you had trouble accessing the server for a while, and now are able to do so without problems, then you may be experiencing a bug in the Windows operating system. Some versions of Windows do not properly re-validate DNS lookups as often as they should. If a friend asks you why you can see, and they can't, ask them if they run Windows. If they say yes, suggest they reboot their PC, because this will usually fix the problem.