Note to Article Contributors

The Webmaster provides some reminders for those contributing articles on this site. Several very nice article leads have been contributed this weekend, and our News Editor will be posting them shortly. Unfortunately, we have no way to credit the contributor because he or she wasn't logged in at the time.

While we certainly accept anonymous contributions, we'd really rather be able to thank our contributors by crediting their contributions by SCA name. We track the "contributor" separate from the "author", so you are not taking credit for someone else's work simply by being listed as the contributor on the newswire.

If you use the Contribute form to send us a news lead, please take a moment to be sure you're logged in with your own personal account first. If you don't have an account yet, use the Create button from our home page to make one. Questions? Send an e-mail to and we'll be glad to help you.

To the person or persons who contributed the articles this weekend, please let us know by e-mail who you are. We can add an appropriate credit manually for you.

Kind regards,

Justin (Webmaster)


We've found our phantom contributor! Thanks Katarina. We'll make sure you get credit.