Gathering of the Clans

A SCOTTISH CLAN GATHERING IS CALLED! Let all come to enjoy the hospitality, intrigues, and the spirit of Scotland and the Highland Clans.

April 1-3rd, 2004

First Presbyterian Church Camp
9601 W. 73rd St. N.
Wichita KS

Site Opens: 5:00 pm, Friday the 1st
Site Closes: Noon, Sunday the 3rd

Heavy Fighting:
Clan Chieftans will lead their clans against one another, in melees, challenges, alliances, and betrayals. The Chiefs will gather their clans prior to the event, and the scenario will include forming of alliances, parleys, and raids. The Clan Chieftains will be announced shortly, and will consist of Knights, 7 from Calontir, and one from Ansteorra. Pick-ups to follow, for those that survive...

Clan archers will be lead against neighboring clans, in competitions, and challenges. The Archery Chieftains will be announced shortly, and will consist of 4 Peerage level Calontiri archers.

Arts & Sciences

  • Best Scottish theme in any medium.
  • Best Sheep in any medium.
  • Brewing competition.

A bardic competition will be held, to find the best bard at the gathering. As well, bards who wish to perform during the feast are greatly encouraged.

Highland Games:
A traditional Games will be held in the afternoon, and will include:

  • Putting the Shot
  • Caber Toss
  • Braemer Stone
  • Sheaf Toss
  • Hammer Throw
  • Foot Race

Youth Gathering:
Activities for children and teens will be held throughout the day.

Scottish Feast:
Gathering Feast will consist of Scottish and International cuisine. For those that wish to try it, Haggis will be on the menu. Feast will prepared for 100. Feast cost: $5.00.

Hall Banners:
Scots planning to attend, please contact Lady Isobel MacDonald ( to let her know, and what your clan is. Clan banners will be done for display in the great hall.

tavian tavern will be open for breakfast and lunch.

Site Details:
Fee: $7.00 for adults, $4.00 for ages 12-17, under 12-no site fee. $3.00 additional for adult non-members. Make checks payable to "SCA Inc., Barony of Vatavia."

The site includes a full hall, abundant camping space, a nature trail, and showers. Site is wet, but alcohol is requested to be in period containers.

your best route to I-135 in Wichita, KS. Follow I-135 to the north edge of Wichita, to K-96 West. Continue on K-96 to Ridge Road. Take Ridge Road north to 73rd St. North. Turn left on 73rd St, and continue for several miles. Look for SCA signs and the First Presbyterian Church Camp.

Event Staff
Event Steward:
Corrigan MacKenzie (Chris Moore)

Deputy Event Steward:
Muniaki Takamatsu (Jason Lewis)

Feast Steward:
Lady Alejandra Santos de Vasquez (Jennifer Moore)