Feast of St Catherine of Siena

The Canton of Falcon Cree welcomes you, one and all, to this year's wonderful Feast. The prevailing theme for this year's endeavor is an age old piece of advice; "Speed Kills." The day will be filled with numerous competitions to determine how well you perform under the pressure of time. The annual Palio races of Siena, Italy will provide the backdrop for this year's competitions and Feast.

Martial Activities: Traditionally there were many competitions that led up to the Palio horserace. One such competition was a contest of arms with blunted weapons called Giorgiani so there will be two 60 minute bear pit tourneys, one for the heavy fighters and one for the rapier. In honor of the Mazzascudo, a traditional mace tournament, there will also be a mace and shield competition for the heavy fighters. These tourneys will be run at separate times so why not try your hand at all three?

Archery: The trials of time will also beset the archery lists. The competition for this year will include timed rounds at different ranges. A steady hand and eye as time runs short would have been the hallmark of an archer of skill on the battlefield; can you duplicate this skill yourself? A time will be set aside for IKAC scores for those wishing an opportunity to better their Kingdom scores. Target shooting with Combat Archery Equipment (helm required) and Thrown Weapons are also planned for this day of competitions.

A&S: Several time based Arts and Science competitions are being planned including competitions in fiber arts and performance A&S. Heraldic field display, a showing of the colors of your contrada or team will also be judged this day. More details will follow later on the variety of competitions being offered.

Feast: The feast will be the end of our official activities for the day and will actually be conducted in a manner opposite to most of the day's events. We shall not speed through our meal but will instead enjoy it at a leisurely pace. The Feast crew that prepared the delicious feast last year returns again to tempt us with their Italian offerings. Please contact Victoria Pringle Victoria@becklanllc.com with dietary concerns.

Website: Look for more information about the event and the traditions of Siena and the Palio at http:/www.falconcree.orgstcatherine. We will be updating the site in the coming weeks with more information and more links for you to view.

The Autocrat is Sir Sinclair Hawkins SCAhound@bellsouth.net

Directions to Kings Mountain State Park:
From the South on I-85: Take your best route to the NC/SC state border where I-85 crosses the state line. Once in North Carolina, Take Exit #2 off of I-85. At the bottom of the off ramp, turn right. Continue all the way through the National Kings Mountain Park to the South Carolina Kings Mountain State Park. Follow the SCA signs to the group camping area.

From the North on I-85: Take your best route to I-85 in North Carolina just south of Charlotte. Take Exit #8 (King's Mountain). At the top of the ramp, turn left. When the road comes to a fork, bear right. You will stay on this road for about 7 miles until you see a small field with a split rail fence on the right hand side. Turn right after the fence into the entrance of King's Mountain State Park. Follow the road into the park and follow the SCA signs to the group camping area.