SCA Research Undertaken

THL Aryanhwy merch Catmael is seeking information from the various kingdoms regarding the elevation of peers from apprentices and proteges.

Her Ladyship Aryanhwy writes:


I'm doing a bit of IKA (inter-kingdom anthropology) research, and this is the easiest way toget my question out to all the available groups.

A lot of kingdoms (all? I don't know) have a system of apprenticeship (for Laurels), protegéeing (for Pelicans), and squiring (for Knights and Masters of Arms). I'm trying to get a feel for what percentage, in each kingdom, of people raised to the peerages were apprentices, protegées, or squires at the time of their elevation, as opposed to those who were not.

I know this might be kind of a hard question to answer, but even vague "Well, most of the peers that I know were at one point apprentices/squires/protegées" information will be helpful.

Thank you!
HL Aryanhwy merch Catmael