Passage to Damascus

In the Middle Ages, Damascus was a center for cultural interchange and learning as pilgrims traveled from all over to one of the oldest cities in the world. Come join the Shire of Roxbury Mill for our second annual Library Demo: Passage to Damascus (Maryland. Help promote a love of history and reading among children of all ages.

We are looking for live demonstrations of performing arts and daily activities (such as spinning or weaving), as well as static displays of the accoutrements which would have been familiar to people of the Middle Ages. (Please keep in mind the very young ages of our audience when deciding what items to bring.)

In addition, there will be an A&S competition with a prize of $25 store credit at The Spanish Peacock! Since Damascus had such a long and international history, any medium, time period, or nationality is welcome. Documentation is not required, but highly encouraged. Extra points will be awarded for documentation which is geared towards the age group of the audience.

And of course, we need fighters! The siege of Damascus was a highlight of the Second Crusade, and here is a chance for all fighters to come strut their stuff for an adoring audience. Pageantry and pomp is highly encouraged!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Violante at For directions to Damascus Public Library, click here.