German club in Pittsburgh recreates authentic Schlachtfest

Marlene Parrish, reporting for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, describes how the 150-year-old Teutonia Mannerchor club performs an authentic Schlachtfest (Slaughter Festival) on the north side of Pittsburgh.

On German farms, pigs were slaughtered in the fall by itinerant butchers and then processed and stored for winter. The Schlachtfest combined a traditional harvest festival with an opportunity to dine on the meat that wasn't suitable for long-term processing and storage.

Parrish offers a detailed article about how the modern Teutonia Mannerchor club has been recreating this centuries-old tradition for 150 years. The article also includes recipes for some of the German dishes served at the festival.

Thanks to Lord Zachariah von Marksburgh for sending us the link to this story.